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mind tech: f a q - The Natural State of the mind What Is Natural Perfection? by Anreal

The Natural State of Perfection is the unconditioned natural state of the mind or ‘Buddha’.
The word Buddha literally means ‘awake’ or ‘awakened one’ so Buddhahood is quite simply 'the state of being awake to our own true natures' ...

This is why Dzogchen is known as ‘The Great Perfection’ because it is not really a path to enlightenment, but Enlightenment itself.

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mind tech: f a q - Simple But Profound What Is Non-Duality? by Anreal

The Buddhists talk about a channel that runs from the heart and exits through the eyes, so the movie plays out from within you, according to your moods.
There is no external reality to perceive and instead, one PROJECTS reality onto the perpetually changing screen of space.

This impersonal fluid matrix that we perceive of as reality is called Dakini (sky dancer) by the higher Buddhist schools ...

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mind tech: f a q - Wish In, Reality Out What is the Wish Fulfilling Gem? by Anreal

The workings of the ‘gem that is your own mind’ are simple.
Wish in, reality out.
Nothing is cast in stone, it is all up for grabs.

- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment

One SHOULD wish strangely and exotically and if you have doubts about your own impeccability you can always add at the end of the wish “for the benefit of all sentient beings” to keep it clean and tight ...

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mind tech: f a q - Fear Nothing, Love Everything What does 'Beyond Rebuke' mean? by Anreal

Beyond rebuke one ventures forth into the world living ones dreams, fearing nothing and loving everything.
- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment

Contrary to common arrogance and yet without the need for false humility, one is in a state of Awareness that takes full responsibility for oneself and ones entire reality. With no one and nothing to blame, and nothing to strive for, one can dance in and with reality without becoming trapped.

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mind tech: f a q - The Great Unveiling How Does Buddhism And The Apocalypse Relate? by Anreal

Many people blatantly ignore the simple meaning of the actual word and continue to project their own fears and superstitions on to it.
We aim to change that.

The word Apocalypse literally means “to lift the veil” , seeing what was previously obscured and reaching a new understanding. That is the first and most important thing to understand ...

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mind tech: f a q - Into The Abyss We Go What Is The Buddha Brats take on Visions? by Anreal

The ego is that little voice of doubt that tries to reason you out of things that you feel good about.
- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment

There is always a place and a purpose for visions. The challenge is to make sense of them as they arise and develop but even more so, to always trust the perfection of it including when they change …

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mind tech: f a q - Doing what feels right, when it feels right What is Effortlessness? by Anreal

One of the central credos of Dzogchen, the “Great Perfection” is:
“Give up the disease of effort”.
"Because everything is already perfect and to change it would be an error."

Ease is not laziness it is just doing what feels right, when it feels right and not before. The other alternative is to do things that you don’t feel like doing and then everything becomes an uphill battle ...

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mind tech: f a q - Here, Now, Everything & Nothing What Is Present Awareness? by Anreal

There is a story of a Buddhist monk meeting a Dzogchen practitioner on a road and saying to him:
“So, I hear you Dzogchen practitioners meditate a lot”
To which the Dzogchen practitioner replies,
“What is there to meditate on?”
The Buddhist practitioner then responds in triumph,
“So then you don’t meditate?”
To which the Dzogchen practitioner coolly responds
“But when am I ever out of the state of contemplation?”

I see the pair of aces in your hand, but I’ve got a full house ...


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mind tech: f a q - Running Through Unknown Doors What is Crazy Wisdom? by Anreal

It doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you get there and stay there.
- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment

Had I not done the things I have done, from smuggling drugs, raising my Kundalini on LSD, experimenting in séances, drinking snake venom, staring at the sun for hours at midday or any of my other seemingly crazy activities, I would not have Liberated myself ...

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mind tech: f a q - Sadhana 'Means To Enlightenment' - What Is It And What Does It Entail? by Anreal

One uses ones personal toolkit of techniques to shift the mind from its bewildered state back to its natural state, where it actually wants to be anyway.
- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment

Dzogchen says that you can use anything and everything to propel you forward. Using whatever we can get our hands on, but to make them truly our own by using them in the service of our own Enlightenment ...

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mind tech: f a q - Nailing It Down What is Zerbu? by Anreal

Every ugly and painful moment often has to be felt until it no longer hurts.
- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment

The reality of life is that our minds will manifest situations in which we are forced to deal with these things anyway, so it is wise to consciously engage it because then one is not at the mercy of random unpleasantness, taking one by surprise ...

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mind tech: f a q - The Flavours of Light What Is One Taste? by Anreal

If you can view a maggoty corpse of a rat with the same equanimity one views a beautiful feast or a fine sunset, then you have really conquered Duality.

One Taste basically states that whatever arises in your sense field in any given moment is perfect, yet empty and equal to any other moment in reality. Truly living this ethos the root cause of all suffering can be removed ...

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mind tech: f a q - Cutting Through Delusion What Is Chod? by Anreal

When you have done a million times worse to yourself in your mind than anyone can ever do to you, what is there ever to fear from reality again?
- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment

The central tenet of Chod is that the only demon (ie. 'obstacle to awareness') that needs to be slain is the "Demon of the Illusion of Self” because it is identification with the ‘self’ as separate and concrete, that is the root of all Suffering ...

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