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START HERE - About The Site Welcome To The Buddha Brats - Playground Of Diamond Warriors by the BBHQ

Welcome to a radically fresh perspective on enlightenment.
To make your stay here as comfortable as possible this article serves as an overview of how to best navigate through the site. Below follows a brief outline of the sections of the site with a few hints of what you are likely to find as well as some special site features that focus specifically on quick and easy navigation.

The Book - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment

We are proud to share the Buddha Brats book with you. To the Diamond Warriors of the new age, this book is a precise yet entertaining manual for surviving the dissolution of Ego and the resultant changes in tact. Don't miss out!

Be sure to sample the Sneak Peek Introductions & Free Chapters to get a taste of the style and content. If you like what you read:

- you can get a paperback copy

- make a donation for a copy of the e-book (pdf & Kindle)

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Freedom Or Death: Tools For Liberation

The Vision section is all about actual tools for self-liberation. With extensive experience in counseling Adamas is available for personal consultation and support via skype and by donation. With the aid of homoeopathy, personal experience in activating, raising, and dissolving the Kundalini, and constant Chod practice amongst other things, the support provided is sure to benefit anyone interested in setting themselves free. 

In aid of the total dissolution of old Karma, treat yourself to a taste of a most carefully crafted medicine called Karma Burn. Bottles are now available and ready for shipment. Also keep an eye when the next complimentary online course is happening. 

Brats Blog

Visit our facebook page for regular updates and inspiration.

Mind Tech

For fast and effective methods of Liberation, The Tech section serves as the vault of hard-won methodologies, painstakingly collected and distilled into its most potent form. Read the intro before you embark on your weapons training to be sure that you know exactly what you're in for. Don't say we didn't warn you.

In the FAQ you have quick access to the most pertinent information that forms the foundation of the methods and concepts discussed on this site. 

The Devil's In The Details

For the curious Brats among you a sound Dzogchen education will form the cornerstone of your practices. In the Book Reviews section we cut a swathe through dense documents to bring you the juiciest gems. Stripped of cultural elaborations and with precise guidelines to navigate through complex concepts, we guarantee that you will get maximum benefit with the least amount of effort. That's why we're here in the first place after all! To the cats go the cream and for those who want to make the most of these gems, be sure to refer to our Reading Tips for understanding Dzogchen texts. 


See the Feed for important articles in chronological order. Check out the QUICK MENU top left on most pages for immediate access to anywhere on the site, as well as the ARCHIVE at the bottom which lists every article posted thus far.

We hope that you enjoy your visit here, and do come back again.

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Welcome To The Buddha Brats - Playground Of Diamond Warriors



The Book
A Modern Tale Of Enlightenment: Try It Out - If You Dare
Glimpse Into Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale Of Enlightenment
My Freshly Steaming Testament To A Better World
Lord Knows It's A Voodoo Child


Free Chapters
The Grand Plan: Foundations For A New World
Reclaiming The Holy Land: My Enlightenment Spree
Left-Hand Path: The Potency Of Danger
Rebirth off Shambala: The Army Of Light Rides On



Mind Tech Intro
The Dangers Of Enlightenment - Don't Say I Didn't Warn You
The Diamond Mind: Slicing Through Delusion

Let Me Entertain You: How Sex & Humour Set Me Free


The Tech
Beautiful Savagery - Taming Anger, The Demon Of Hell
Holy Cow Slaughter - Destroy Your Ideals Or Suffer
Mastering One Taste - When Everything Turns To Gold
Stepping Into Air - The Art & The Skill Of Crazy Wisdom
Rebel At The Gates: You Are The Guru

Iboga - Slicing At The Roots Of Duality
Chod In The Desert: Feeding The Eagles And Sand
Killing The Ego By Not Giving A Sh*t
The Shortcut To Liberation - Do What You Love

How We Roll


The Heart Of Compassion - Lessons From Venus

The Brave New World Of Anreal Perception


The Vision
Diamond Blade Mastery

Karma Burn: Advanced Spiritual Detox Formula


Chod Graphic Novel

Brat Tarot Pack

Useful Extras


Reading Tips
To The Cats Go The Cream - 8 Sneaky Tips For Curious Brats



Book Reviews
PSYCHEDEMIA - explicit academic focus on the risks and benefits of psychedelics.
A Mind Supreme: The Definitive Treatise On Liberation
Very Few People Know About This Dalai Lama Secret

Dzogchen Nutshell: The 3 Basics of Self-Liberation
She Who Dances In The Sky: The Story Of A Female Buddha
In Wonder - A Look Into The Heart Of Bon Dzogchen


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'Means To Enlightenment' - What Is It And What Does It Entail?
What is Zerbu?
What Is One Taste?
What Is Chod?
Honey On The Tongue - Delicious Quotes By Enlightened Beings